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    This story began two generations ago in Twenthe, the heart of the Dutch textile territory. Great-grandfather Derk-Jan Weller, seeing an opportunity in the growing industrialization movement, decided to become a hardware supplier to the region’s flourishing textile industry. Globalization eventually pushed the production of Europe’s yarn, fabric and garments towards Asia, grinding the Weller factory to a halt in the process, but the family tale inspired two great-grandchildren to pick up the torch and breathe life back into the legacy, for today’s market.

    Fun Fact: In the center of the city Almelo, the monumental Twente Centre is a tangible and poignant reminder of the flourishing textile industry of the county Twente. This former steam spinning mill dates from 1915 and its architect, Arend Beltman, pioneered with his introduction of reinforced concrete structures. The remarkable water tower served for storage of fire-fighting water and was built in 1914, after a fire destroyed almost the entire building.

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    our process

    From the high street to high-end boutiques, garments created by Vermillion strike a balance between price and workmanship. Our process is straightforward: based on client needs we propose cutting-edge designs and a strategic plan tailored to their market, then execute it efficiently via our direct supplier liaisons.

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    our commitments

    We are not commitment-phobes. Once we understand a client’s vision, we commit to having the finalized product be exactly what they hoped for. Once we welcome a craftsman into our network of manufacturing expertise, we commit to a long-term relationship and offering respectful work opportunities.

    Vermillion is also committed to solving one the manufacturing industry’s most pressing issues: environmental waste and callous labor standards. As a result, we produce less, but better. Plus, we always ensure that the working conditions in affiliated factories not only meet international standards, but exceed them.

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    Our Values

    “To some, our commitment to ethical textile production, fair wages, good working conditions, reduced environmental harm, and locally empowered businesses is clever PR.

    For us, it simply makes sense: when care is taken in the creation, quality is clear in the outcome.”


For clients

After initial talks with a design-interested client, we either select the right styles from our extensive collections or we develop new ones together with our clients from the ground up. In those cases, we involve our collaborating designers to tailor styling and branding. For others, who have no desire to develop a brand of their own, we offer branding of our own: brands like Spitsbergen, Northwest Outfitters or Wellersport are here and ready to use. We then guide our clients through the complete garment manufacturing process from their first idea until the joyous delivery day.

Vermillion’s roots lie in big volume orders manufactured in Asia. Over time we learned to export this knowledge, creative thinking and expertise of bulk orders into small quantity orders (starting at 150pcs/color) produced either in Europe, India or South America. This knowledge & experience results in the best possible balance between quality and price, better products, and in the end a service that sets Vermillion apart from other small-quantity manufacturers.

Next to our sources in Asia, we have set up a European network of suppliers to be able to respond quickly to client requests for the same range of garments. And as a great advantage is that we keep the heritage of European countries alive and kicking!

For Mother Earth

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry and at Vermillion we would like to contribute to a change. We produce ethically, with honest materials and as much as possible in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint. We also pro-actively manage our sustainability values, meaning that we stimulate local production whenever our client’s market allows it. And we make sure that all of our factories are certified to the level of requirements either set by our client or by Vermillion.

For those in the industry

We’re looking for long term partners throughout our design & production chain – if that appeals to you, please join us!

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