Tricks for Long-lasting Wanderlust


We think that one of life’s greatest joys is that feeling you get when you come across something that takes your breath away. Sometimes it’s a fresh experience, sometimes it’s something familiar, only presented at a new angle. In fact, it’s not so much the thing itself as the feeling it gives you when the connection is made. Pupils widens, pulse quickens. The surrounding air tingles with an electrical charge. Your hair goes a little on end and in a heartbeat you know it — you’ve just come across something exciting again.

The trouble is that we can’t always jump on a train headed for the coast, or drop a finger on a spinning globe and simply takes things from there. All too often, our lives tether us to a single place and its schedule. There are schools and offices, classrooms and obligations. All part of the beauty of life really, except perhaps for the fact that it can keep us in one square mile. And pretty soon, one square mile begins to lose its sparkle. But only if you allow it to.

Here are some of the tricks we keep up our sleeves
to always see the world with fresh, curious eyes.

  • Take a Left instead of Right

    Routine can collect like sticky cobwebs on imagination, but who said we have to do the same thing, in the exact same fashion, each time? In every situation there is a fork in the road, and what’s a fork anyway, but the perfect opportunity to become an explorer. So, have breakfast for dinner, take the long way home from work, and wear your favorite evening outfit the next time you need to grocery shop. What is there lose?

  • Keep Our Eyes Open for Inspiration

    We believe that the world is one big quilt, a kaleidoscope of fabrics connecting everyone. From Timbuktu to the streets of Detroit, everything is a trampoline to something. If you keep your ear to the ground, you might just realize that the noise streaming in from the window sounds like Naples on Saturday morning, or that the cracks on the wall bear an uncanny resemblance to the star-filled sky stretched over Africa’s sand dunes. Truth be told, some of our best globe-trotting ideas have come from the safety our own homes.

  • Stoop Down to the Kids’ Level

    Anybody who has seen one build a fortress out of a couple of cardboard boxes knows that kids are incredible magicians. They intuitively know that what they have before them is only the beginning of something exciting. Next time you start to feel the routine blues, stop and take a look at the kids. What they’re doing might just be your next inspiration.

  • Get Dessert

    We are very big believers in the magic of dessert, and praise it often by following our nose into the nearest bakery. Every town has that special one. The formula for rejuvenating wanderlust here is simple and fail proof: find, sit, savor.

    (Personally, we go weak in the knees for cinnamon buns with fresh-ground coffee.)

  • Explore With Intent

    Often, it is the desire for a distraction that pushes us to do something adventurous. And how could it not? Everyone gets bored! But after many adventures, we’ve come to understand that the greatest moments happen when we explore with intent.

    Don’t let life push you into a direction, be your own pioneer.